Assistant Photographers

Emilie’s career is photography. Over time, she has crafted her skills and has focused on the art and pure essence of freezing a moment in someone‚Äôs life.

Emilie has an innate ability to capture character in every photograph through the use of lighting and unique surroundings. She finds flattering poses and applies professional techniques that convey a natural feeling for anyone. She has an eye for the beauty of simplicity and seizes your attention in a single frame.

Emilie will work with you to photograph the true emotion, personality, and intensity of your special day. Along with Bryan, she will capture those important moments from an additional perspective to ensure memories that last a lifetime.

Kevin Ettl


Kevin cut his teeth in the world of travel photography. Shooting in so many unfamiliar places helped hone his skills in anticipating where the action will lead and getting the shot before unique moments slip away. His desire to unobtrusively capture fleeting events resulted in a natural photojournalistic approach – capture the important moments as if no observer had been there at all.

At Bryan Green Photography, Kevin employs this photojournalist approach to capture candids, alternate angles, and details. Along with Bryan’s work at capturing the most significant moments of your event, these alternate views ensure that you will have a memory of every aspect of your event.